Vocational Courses


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This will involve the impartation of skills, which will enable participants to capitalize on business opportunities.

It will involve training participants in practical entrepreneurial skills which will equip them to run and manage their own businesses.

We will also provide intensive Market Research to establish opportunities to create and grow sustainable businesses for individuals.


Individuals will be train to identify and capitalize on a niche using their own proficiency.

This will involve providing expert assistance in:

Þ Business planning

Þ Access to finance

Þ Registration and structuring of business

Þ Administration and finance

Partners and experts will be available to provide their assistance.


This will involve training participants in the skills needed to run the specific businesses that will capitalize on the opportunities identified by the individual.


The establishment of a mentoring and support programme to provide ongoing support to participants who have started a new business or who are growing an existing one.

This will include amongst others, business leaders, corporate volunteerism, peer mentoring, clubs and societies, churches, community structures and mature members of the community.


As noted by Director for ILO office in Pretoria [Dr. E. Kenneth Andoh – 24 July 2003], “enterprise creation, innovation and business growth are an important part of employment policies that can address one of the endemic problems of developing countries, which is the lack of demand for formal jobs.

It is an undeniable fact that higher rates of enterprise creation are associated with higher levels of employment.”



  1. Hi, Just responding in connection with your meeting with Julie Naidoo this morning at Parliament- she mentioned that there was very little happening in Hanover Park and she is excited about your wanting to extend the kingdom of God in that area- Good to make contact with you. WE would love to see ur group in action!
    Call Maria

  2. I am writing your Women network business Center on behalf of Women Creative Hands Organization based in Buea Cameroon, a non governmental, non profit, promoting the well being of Women in the area of small business initiative and creating opportunities to better their livelihood. We will like to partner with your organization to help us train and seek for financial assistance in order to get them start their small businesses. It is worthy to note, that most these women can not afford seed money or lack the Know-how to grow most of their businesses to profit.
    Please, Lets hear from you soonest, trusting most Africa woman will uplift their families through your committed concern.
    Sarah Enow Adelowo
    Coordinator WCHO

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