Key Focus Areas

The center long term plan will focus on contributing to the economy growth of the country to end gender inequality by 2015.

The six months training and development programme will be as follows:



1. Market Economics
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Business Ethics
4. Financial Literacy
5. Success Skills
6. Internship / Attachment


In this lesson, the participants will learn about other countries: their economies, population, people, geography, transportation, and communications. The lesson plans range from economics to entrepreneurship. Other lessons include personal finance, entrepreneurship, the stock market, free trade, tariffs etc.

By the end of the lesson, participants will understand the fundamentals of business. This is a month duration course.


In this lesson, the learner will be able to describe what is meant by entrepreneurship, list three characteristics of entrepreneurship and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur.

It will mainly focus on lesson plans based on entrepreneurial activities, whether be planning a small business, creating a small business, or maintaining a small business. Learners will be introduced to the effective use of Computers.

To do this, we will use the power of the internet to facilitate one-to-one connections that were previously not measured.
Aspiring entrepreneurs will be thought the effective use of the internet to locate other social service organizations and entrepreneurs both locally and globally to network and showcase their outstanding businesses whiles linking with socially-minded individuals for financial support.
This will be instant, effective and inexpensive way of communication due to the nature of internet delivery.
This will involve providing expert assistance in:

  • Business planning
  • Access to finance
  • Registration and structuring of business
  • Administration and finance

This is a month duration course.


This lesson teaches participants how to be successful in our free enterprise system. Lessons that illustrate ethical business and personal behavior will be thought. This is a month duration course.


This lesson is designed to teach budgeting, credit cards, financing. Skills taught include borrowing, future planning, money management and how to grow Your Money: Personal Financial Tools. This lesson will enhance their money skills and create positive banking relationships.

This is one month duration course.


This lesson will focus on presenting fresh, relevant content that provides participants with ideas and insights to succeed as an entrepreneur or small-business owner. Each month, The Women Business Center will present a new Success Skills Module- a series of articles about a topic that is a key to the survival of businesses. We will aim to showcase businesses from individuals to promote business exposure to market and also as a platform of exchanging business ideas.

This is a month duration course.


Internship is the most critical aspect to realize individual participation in entrepreneurship. In order to attract many women and the youth for their active involvement in entrepreneurship efforts shall be made to provide them with internships programmes align to their preference and ensure that they are successful and effective in supporting entrepreneurship efforts.

It is the intension of the center to link these participants to various companies and governments departments to learn their trade. We will embark these areas as special interventions. The success of the programme should be measured by the number of enterprises that shall emerge after the internships.

It should be emphasized that the internship shall be carried without any regard to the type of qualification that the participant might have as the focus is on creating enterprises than giving qualification and or creating a career stream.

Business Linkages

The external role players are those organizations and government departments that are important to be reached for partnership in the implementation of the programme. These shall be a variety of stakeholders but in particular higher institutions, Commercial Banks and other private companies, Umsobomvu Youth Fund, Youth Commission, Department of Trade and Industry, State Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), United Nation Millennium Campaign, Sukuma Afrika, Khula Finance and other government funding institutions to award seed money to participants to start their business.

Business referral Services

To enhance support services that shall be provided, referral services with network of minded organizations shall be established. Participants shall be refereed to professional and specializing organizations for help and support so that they are able to develop business plans and clarify themselves on the viability of their ideas.

Social Development

Part of our social development activities shall be the creation of HIV and AIDS awareness within communities. To give an awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS, with a focus on the comprehensive of how it is spread, aiming at the simplest level of education, even the illiterate.

To develop Sports and recreation programmes for the communities to eliminate idleness which is the most cause of HIV/AIDS. The aim of this programme is to stabilise the prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS and begin reverse by 2014.

Talent shows as well as tour and excursion programmes will be set to contribute towards shaping and developing our communities.
Mentoring and Support

The establishment of a mentoring and support programme to provide ongoing support to participants who have started a new business or who are growing an existing one.
This will include amongst others, business leaders, corporate volunteerism, peer mentoring, clubs and societies, churches, community structures and mature members of the community.


We will provide specialized conference to participants. We will aim to increase the adoption of strategies of improving service delivering. Our focus will be to invite experts from various fields both in the private and public sectors such as UN, ADB, Schwab Foundation, BMF, Young Global Leaders, Global Leaders, Velociti (CITI), Eskom, SARS, Telcom, Financial Institutions, Sanlam, Old Mutual, Department of Trade and Industry, Social Services, Public Works, Labour Department, and Cape Regional Chamber among others to enlighten participants about their services. We will also offer Networking Sessions, Team Buildings, Workshops, Business Launches, Product Promotions, Sport and Recreation, and Tours.



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