Too many people find themselves without a job or much hope of finding one. They are discouraged, frustrated, and at risk of falling into a life of crime, despair and addiction. As a result many historically disadvantaged individuals (HDIs) are not able to be assimilated in the economy to benefit from the growth path.

Together with economic restructuring and enterprise transformation from a low skills base and mass employment, to high technology and specialized knowledge skills many people are still not able to find employment.

The economic growth in South Africa and Africa in general has been criticized for creating wealth at a rate faster than job creation. As a result many young people from townships and villages are not able to be assimilated in the economy to benefit from the growth path.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2007 that is annually produced by the Business School at Cape Town University has alluded to the fact that South Africa is low on entrepreneurship activities relative to its counterparts in developing nations. To date it is estimated that less than 1% of university graduate end up creating own enterprises upon completion of studies. Unlike in other countries compared to South Africa (like Brazil, India, Scandanavian countries, etc) South African graduates are not cultured on job creation through entrepreneurship development but are more satisfied to look for a job in an economy that is growingly reducing the rate of job creation and employment.
As a result many countries that are successful today illustrate an element of Small Medium and Micro Enterprise Development.

Poor communities in South Africa remain vulnerable to unemployment and permanent dependence on employment just for survival. The economic growth desired by the government shall remain a pie in the sky if individuals are not able to establish new enterprises and create new products and services.

It is based on the above analysis that this proposal becomes relevant.
The center has been identified by United Nations Millennium Campaign as a critical partner in the development of rare skills.
Through this initiative South Africa government is mobilizing various sectors to take active role in ensuring that the economy has necessary skills to meet the anticipation growth.

The president in his recent address in the world economic forum again indicated that women empowerment development must be intensified.

It is based on all these that the center finds it necessary to develop strategies to alleviate poverty and contribute to economic growth.

The partnership between the center and Government departments and agencies shall serve as an intervention to realize entrepreneurship development for the benefit of unemployed women and the youth in general.

This programme shall select and train people, particularly young South African women and the youth entrepreneurship skills in an environment where opportunities for employment are limited and the relevant skills demand and requirements of employer organizations is constrained by low or scarcity amongst employable groups.
The aim of the programme is to go beyond the objective of paid employment of the individual by a company or factory – instead, the individual participating in this programme should skilled equipped to create the employment herself.
The center aims to open viable businesses opportunities in selected communities through practical entrepreneur craft skills which will enable the learner participants of its programmes to create employment and generate wealth opportunities for them.

We do this by:

Leveraging the support of donors and the municipality to obtain additional resource and support.
Deliver women graduated trainees who carry in the portfolio as part of the qualification a viable supported business plan of the business are or will operating.

The external role players are those organizations and government departments that are important to be reached for partnership in the implementation of the programme. These shall be a variety of stakeholders but in particular higher institutions, Commercial Banks and other private companies, Umsobomvu Youth Fund, Youth Commission, Department of Trade and Industry, State Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), Khula Finance and other government funding institutions to award seed money to participants to start their business.



  1. I interested in your programs and am interested to participate.Our organisation . NDOPCRAFT will be happy to be invited to participate in your forth coming programs.

    We look forward to participating in your programs from Cameroon.

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