Women Business Center has been focusing on socio-economic and educational programmes to help young adult women and the youth to discover their true potentials through innovative entrepreneurial, leadership skills, skills training and enterprise development using technology.

The vision of this programme is to equip and transform young South African women and existing business in our communities with appropriate sustainable business skills in the entrepreneur world.

We aim to equip 200 unemployed women to establish sustainable businesses in every six months, which will enable them to support themselves and their families by taking them through our vocational courses.

With alarming rates in crime due to poverty, the center will support Government’s efforts by complementing its resources with entrepreneurship skills to communities in order to make South Africa a safer place in which to live, work and do business.

The vocational course will aim at enterprise development, impacting knowledge, financial capability, and skills to enhance the upliftment of aspiring women entrepreneurs in our communities.
The greatest restorer of pride, dignity and a sense of self is the ability and opportunity to take care of oneself and one’s family through earning a decent living to address basic needs for food, shelter, clothing, etc.

The center has identified women as people who face historical challenges because of societal historical attitudes to them for millennia. As a result of this, women developed not only a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, but also the ability to operate on a very narrow and thin resource base, inculcating in them a thriftiness and husbandry that is also a hallmark and defining attribute of successful entrepreneurship.

The goal is to provide enterprise development programmes, impacting knowledge, financial capability, and skills training to enhance the upliftment of women entrepreneurs and the youth in our communities.

To that effect it has its function divided between four focus areas – Training and Development (Vocational and Craft Course Component), Business Linkages, Social Development and Mentoring and Support.

The ten (10) Internship Strategies
These strategies are underpinned by key principles to guide its focus and direction and will be set out as a clear indicative of action among others government initiatives such as Umsobomvu, Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP), Public Service, Social Services, Department of Labour, Micro Economic Development Strategy for the Western Cape (MEDS) and the Human Resource Development Strategy (HRD) to alleviate poverty, uplift communities and tackle the crippling unemployment issues. It is envisaged that the development of these strategies will also benefit SMMEs within the sectors identified below.

Manufacturing, Construction, Agri-business and agri-processing, Information and communication technologies, Tourism, Media, marketing and communication, “Green” business, Transport and logistics, Personal services, Business and professional services.

Women Business Center is preparing the next generation of unemployed women entrepreneurs and the youth to create a better world for themselves and their families.



  1. my name is willie sherman.would pleas call me,because my wife and i are starting a center for abausive women. here in san diego,ca, so would someone from your offices pleas call on how we can get started.

  2. my wife and i are starting a center for women would someone from your offices pleas call me at 619-288-2138

  3. pls let me know where womanbisiness cetre is as i need help wit busness

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