Posted by: isaac aggrey | December 23, 2011

Beyond Borders

The year 2011 was challenging, yet very successful, in the initial stages of operation, WASEN experienced a number of problems, which adversely affected our performance and operation.

Deficiencies in timing have been the principal issue, but lower than expected co-operation and commitment have also contributed to the shortfall.

The net results was that, the first quarter saw WASEN significantly short of budget expectations and it was not surprising that this led to considerable concern of WASEN Management Board level.

This development led us to implement measures such as inclusive business models – sustainable, market based solutions that are commercially viable.

However, it is now apparent that the management of WASEN is coming to grips with the difficulties and managing the organization towards delivering measurable, impactful and scalable development to achieving expected outcome.

It is even more pleasing to note that the successive organization’s record of expectation is set to exceed for the first time ever.

The nearly indications are encouraging and we appear to have the potential to achieve a very high results and expectations come 2012.

In launching our new program for 2012, “Beyond Borders” we would like to welcome our newest Board of Governor, Dr. Kathleen Dapaah.

We recognize the important role she continues to play in advancing sustainable business models and markets to build long-term solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems societies face.

On behalf of the Management of WASEN and WBC, It is our pleasure to wish you the best of the festive season and actively engage you in policy dialogue and advocate around issues of national and global importance in 2012.

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  1. I wish you happy holidays and a peaceful New Year filled with brilliant ideas, inspiring people, meaningful collaborations, problems solved, laughter and love.

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