Posted by: isaac aggrey | May 6, 2011


“It’s hard to imagine a brighter future without Social Entrepreneurship”. Despite the challenges faced by Social Entrepreneurs, there is a growing recognition of their important role in developing robust economies in the world.

The West Africa Social Entrepreneurs Network (WASEN) is established to address the critical challenges faced by Social Entrepreneurs in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

The network aims to pair prospective Social Entrepreneurs with experts and investors to create viable Social Enterprises.

As part of the program, new reforms would be developed to further develop the self confidence, motivation and creative skills that are essential part of Social Entrepreneurship.

Another key priority area for WASEN is to launch various developmental programs for Social Entrepreneurs to promote private economic and social development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Addressing a cross section of tertiary students in Accra Ghana, the founder and President of WASEN, Isaac Aggrey (Social Entrepreneur) emphasized the need “to provide Social Entrepreneurs with the right kind of advice, information and mentorship to help build successful Social Enterprises”.

He said the initiative would further create awareness, understanding and appreciation of Social Entrepreneurship in the West Africa region.

In his closing remarks, he encouraged every student and aspiring Social Entrepreneurs to register to become a member and tap into all the opportunities offered by WASEN.


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