Posted by: isaac aggrey | December 23, 2010


There goes another blissful year. It’s been quite interesting year full of positive adventure. Many of us in the beginning of the year were trying to figure out whether we would be successfully; little did I know the year was going to move with a terrific speed.

I could still think back when I got to Europe and not sure whether I would be able to adapt – but being in paradise and one of the beautiful places on earth made it all possible.

Life in Europe enriched me with so much information, networking with different professionals, face-to-face communications with renowned professors lead me to reflect on my own personal accomplishments.

My time at IEDC-Bled School of Management was outstanding and been in an environment full of reflection, hard work and a positive way of life was a pure bliss.

The program was rich in content with an enviable world wide renowned faculty of professors.

The amazing journey afforded me the ability to network and reflects coherently on a wide range of complex challenges.

I am fully empowered and strongly feel I could support more and more young students in Africa who want to succeed in their quest.

My team always had the edge to succeed in all we do, in actual fact we all succeeded. We worked hard, we were creative, innovative and very persistent.

Though there were some notable adversities, we overcame them with our significant contribution. We took challenges head on and made them as opportunities; in all we had intrepid spirit!

I have developed a real hunger for success and can not wait to unleash it. Certainly, every step of the way has been a blessing. It was a huge and momentous milestone in the history of my life and feels proud of this adventurous journey.

Kudos to everyone who helped in making this year a success!!!



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