Posted by: isaac aggrey | December 18, 2009

2009 AS IT WAS!

The year 2009 will go down in the annals as a memorable year. There were array of notable progress.

Yes, there were many progress, remarkable progress; and there were victories, sweet victories.

There were therefore little dark clouds here and there, but by and large, it was a rosy and glorious year.

The year began very well with the World Bank Institute as I joined other renowned world leaders on CSR course.

This provided me with the necessary tools and resources to engage with various stakeholders at different level.

It uniquely coincided with International Women’s day where emphasis was placed on Equality, Justice, Peace and Development.

Solidarity was expressed with women around the globe and they were strongly encouraged to vote, hold public office, fight discrimination and celebrate acts of courage and determination.

Another remarkable event was the global campaign for education. The YF Team in collaboration with University of the Western Cape, Department of Life Long Learning came strongly against illiteracy that has plagued our society. The campaign drew large crowd from the community and the surrounding schools.

It was all joy to see the YF reaching their goals honourably. Their noble gesture was therefore acknowledged with support from UWC and the World Pulse.

It was however, the UN award which brought greater glory and joy. The award ceremony which was organized by the Global Business School Network took place in Cape Town, South Africa during the World Economic Forum. It was regarded as the greatest award ceremony at all times.

It was a memorable occasion and much to our delight, I emerged victorious out of 150 applicants from Africa. Yes, it was certainly a sweet victory.

This big success brought benevolent financial grant to the tune of 45,000 Euros full scholarship to study in one of the best Management Schools in Europe.

The Louis Group and Stellenbosch University Business School Executive Development Programme came at the right time. The programme was simply fantastic and totally profiting. I enjoyed my vibrant group (G5) with their diversity of unique cultures and natural enthusiasm. The programme served as an entry level to my International Executive MBA studies in Europe.

Amidst every dark cloud is a light. If you keep your focus and look deeply enough, it would become crystal clear.

In conclusion, I feel highly delighted and proud of all these achievements. I grew from strength to strength, from victory to victory.

I thank all my Staff, the YF, Partners, Mentors, Sponsors for all the kind co-operation given me which went a long way in making 2009 a successful year.


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