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The competition aims to bring exposure to the outstanding efforts of the winners and to connect them with stakeholders in a position to help them expand their businesses. To that end, Sukuma Afrika targets prime events to hold its yearly awards ceremony.

The 2009 Awards Ceremony was held at an Annual Conference of the Global Business School Network which brought the business community to focus on partnerships and specifically business schools as development partners. The roundtable was a side event to the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town on 9th June 2009.

It brought together leaders, managers, professors, scholars, investors, top business management schools, private and public sector worldwide to network and find novel approaches to capacitate in building up low income countries

Emphases were made on total educational experience in ensuring business schools and their products offered develop more accountable leaders.

The conversation also centred on the recent global crisis and the economic models needed to combat it.

Social entrepreneurship was the talk of the day as many of the leaders concluded is the best practice and the only antidote to solve the crisis. It taps into a deep vein of interest to ensure that more and more social entrepreneurs need to emerge.


Sukuma Afrika is established in recognition of the critical role young entrepreneurs and the Diaspora play in the fight against poverty as the generation that will be responsible for reaching the Millennium Development Goals in 2015. The competition encourages young people across Africa to engage in ventures with a social angle and is opened to African youth up to 35 y/o presenting a for-profit business model which contributes to one of the MDGs.

For more of the pictures about the competition, visit Global Business School Network



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    • Thanks very much. I really appreciate it. I think the UN MILENNIUM CAMPAIGN AWARDS | WOMEN BUSINESS CENTER sounds great.

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