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Education remains an exceptional challenge, no country today can succeed and progress without it. It is a key factor in fighting against extreme Poverty and Hunger.

Goal 3 of the Young Feminist in Action Programme states “to identify key actions required to align, intensify and broaden efforts country wide so as to maximize synergies and more effectively use of “movement” to educate more women about their rights, talents, skills and passion.

It is out of this that Women Business Center, the Young Feminist in Action together with the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town South Africa took part in the Global Campaign for Education. They join others around the globe in the Big Read to make sure everyone gets the chance to learn to read and write.

The good news is that the campaign will go on from mouth to mouth with greater intensity and urgency than ever before.

This will go down in the annals of Women Business Center as the event drew large numbers of children, students and adults from all walks of life.

The day began with the chairperson of Women Business Center and a young social entrepreneur Isaac Aggrey who welcomed everyone and delivered a speech on the impact of education.

In a brief statement, he narrated how Women Business Center has maximise support for the Big Read by setting up social networks to respond to the growing numbers of school drop outs.

He assured everyone that the Young Feminist in Action will continue to speak openly against illiteracy which has plagued the society.

He urged government to make education free and compulsory and establish more adult’s literary centres with scholarships throughout the country or, at least scrap off tuition fees so that parents could afford to send their children to school.

He said parents rob their children the chance to become productive members of society, effective community members, good family members and valuable citizens of society when they deny them education.

He therefore asked parents, world leaders and the society to close ranks and devise concrete ways of solving illiteracy.

To the community members who took part, the day was just sensational and phenomenon. They came in their numbers in spite of the bad weather.

In conclusion, he emphasised the launch of the Big Read is the first of many steps toward invigorated educational campaign in South Africa and mentioned Women Business Center is proud to be affiliated with the effort of University of the Western Cape and looks forward to a continued successful implementation of education for all.

He expressed his immeasurably gratitude to all those who made it possible for Women Business Center and the Young Feminist in Action.

Please log on to 1globe for more speeches, stories, poems, pictures from the Young Feminist Leaders and the University of the Western Cape.


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