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We have the pleasure to present the 2009 Business Training programme for business women and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Women Business Center continues to sustain the interest of women in its core principles and strategies. In this end, most of the regular trainings have been maintained to benefit more women.

Mindful of the socio-economic transformation process and economic downturn currently taking place in the world, we will promote productivity and efficient market in marginalized communities for the growth and development of the national economy on sustainable basis.

We begin the year with our usual 3-day workshops.

The objective of this training is to provide an opportunity for potential women entrepreneurs and business owners to gain innovative entrepreneurial skills, financial capacity, sharing of knowledge, skills training, and enterprise development in order to help them access market, networking and business opportunities.



It is result oriented and a participatory discussion focusing on practical issues with direct relevance to Self awareness and practical approaches to deal with laying foundations for success.

This approach gives each participant a chance to specifically address their wants, needs, dreams, aspirations, passion, purpose and the financial hardships many of them face.

Participants and the facilitators work in a highly participatory environment. Participant’s group work, brainstorming and discussions are complemented with motivation, singing amidst dancing with a view to stimulate and awake their enthusiasm.



2 out of 10 emerging entrepreneurs make it in the business world. Our aim with this programme is to assist emerging, survivalist, and existing women entrepreneurs with one on one approach on Business Planning with emphasis on Feasibility Study, Marketing, Risk Analysis, Operational and Management Plan.

Much knowledge is gained from the sharing of experiences and perspectives on cross-cutting business issues.

At the end, participants are equipped with crucial business skills needed to start and manage a small business or an income generating business.



Day 3 is designed to teach budgeting, credit cards, financing. Skills taught include cash flow, borrowing, future planning, money management and how to grow Money.
Personal Financial Tools are discussed which enhance participant’s money skills and create positive banking relationships.

Finance plays a critical role in businesses, participants are thought possible funding sources and how to make informed financial decisions.

Our aim is to extend micro-finance to these young women to realize their full potential.

As part of supporting participants business initiatives, efforts are made to seek a partner that can develop a focused finance vehicle scheme dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs.

In the value chain the center and any commercial institution involved in the programme shall focus on skills development and information portal while financial partner shall take over business ideas that are viable for funding.


Business Training programmes such as, Business plan drafting, Management and Administration, Basic Book Keeping, Marketing and Feasibility Studies, cc and Tax Registration, Basic Computer Skills, Tendering, Customer Care, Effective Selling Techniques for Improved Sales, Staff Development, Networking sessions, Finance and Accounting lessons will be offered to women in Business as an advance training course.

The greatest restorer of pride, dignity and a sense of self is the ability and opportunity to take care of oneself and one’s family through earning a decent living to address basic needs for food, shelter, clothing, etc.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to produce and submit a bankable business plans that will be submitted to financial institutions for funding.


  • Aspiring and Women Business Owners
  • Poor and vulnerable grass roots women.
  • Young people deserving of special attention because of their role, situation and level of their vulnerability.
  • Women affected by the phenomenon of social exclusion, such as the HIV/AIDS, the disabled, and the unemployed.


Training methods will include presentations by our center specialists and invited external lecturers. They will include individual and group learning activities under the guidance of highly qualified specialists in financial sectors, gender mainstreaming and learning methodology.
Participants and facilitators will work in a highly participatory environment.

Participants group work, brainstorming and discussions are complemented with presentations, with a view to stimulating participants’ ability to link concepts and data to their own work and life experience.

The training will also make use of the lecture / discussion method, transparencies, video films, individual and group exercises and role-play.


The beneficiaries will be identified and selected from communities using our young feminist task force team as baseline criteria volunteers.

They will further recommend and recruit other young feminist to join them in participating in this programme.

They will document stories of victims from communities and schools to offer solutions.

They will use every opportunity to speak out openly about the need to take effective action to prevent the spread of HIV, promote the campaign to access to preventable infections among our communities and schools and fight against social ills.

They will include people living with or vulnerable to HIV as vital partners in HIV prevention efforts.

They will advocate new ways of dealing with economic hardships within communities by engaging with top leaders of today.



P.O BOX 759



Visit 1globe for more information and update.


NNOGOLIDE FENI is currently the CEO and founder of FENIONELA MANUFACTUTING & GEN which has been operating for 3 years. Prior to attending our workshop, Feni was working with only three women. Upon graduating from our workshop, she managed to secure a loan from the REDDOOR to expand her business.

In addition, Feni has invested into food and garden business which has provided job creation for 50 women in her community. She formed this primarily as a means to assist other women to venture into business activities.

She also works closely with other financial institutions to connect low-income businesswomen to funders.

Feni is an accomplished businesswoman who now works with number of women in her community.

NOKONWABA MXAKA currently directs LIBOTWE EVENTS & PROJECTS with the mission to offer event management and catering services to individuals, schools, corporate and government department.

Mxaka business has become one of the fastest growing businesses after enrolling in our advanced training which further introduced her to our unique business package for businesswomen.

She now has significant business experience and operates outskirts of Cape Town. Her company represents one of emerging events management companies in Cape Town.

FUNEKA DUKWE now works with a range of women who are interested in starting their own business. She was a single mother operating on a thin and narrow business but now work with low income self employed women entrepreneurs providing training and mentorship programmes to them.

She is employed by Women Business Center as an overseer of our center for women in Khayelitsha environ.

NESTER DZOYI was unemployed married woman but now works with young women per communities to document their poverty levels, business profitability, and their social standards.

Nester forms part of the young feminist in action leadership team and brings her expertise to assist young women with extensive business start up and social ills. She works with young women particularly in the area of stigmatization.

She has participated in various industry forums such as the International Parliamentary Union, Educational Summit Campaign, and Women microfinance forum, among others since joining Women Business Center.

She now offers administrative skills for her husband groceries business stores.

She has motivated young women in her communities to consider entrepreneurship as an alternative and a viable option for self employment and wealth creation.

The programme is designed to identify, develop and promote emerging women entrepreneurs to attain and succeed in businesses. This has provided an opportunity for women to gain financial capacity, enterprise development, access market, networked with top business women and created sustainable business opportunities.

Through this initiative 250 underserved women have had support, make their voices heard, gain more influence in the political and social processes that affect them and their families.

Many more women are being mobilized from various sectors within communities to take active role in ensuring that their needs are met. Our partnership between Government departments, Public-private sector and International organizations for sometime has served as an intervention to realize entrepreneurship development for the benefit of underserved women within marginalized communities.

The young feminist team targets dynamic young women interested in developing transformational leadership skills in their community.

They are young women with exceptional skills, exhibited leadership potential and tackle issues affecting women.

They address key topics such as: Gender Justice and Equality, Women’s Health and Safety, Political Participation, Personal development, International Trade, Technology among others.

With a staggering outcome of our successes conducted by various organizations including United Nations and Organization of Women in International trade, our programme is in high demand.

Participants Businesses are followed up on weekly basis. Our branch representatives elected headed by our young feminist group provide additional mentoring, coaching and monitoring of participants businesses.

Business Plan competition is organized to further give assistance and advanced workshop to transform informal businesses into formal businesses.

Our unique business package for business women which includes but not limited to, Internet Usage, Web Design, Business Cards, Networking sessions, Flyers, VOIP, Marketing Stand at the center, Business Registration and Advice, Access to Finance, Legal Advice, Business Events and Mentoring, PC Training are provided by our center specialist at subsidized rate to interested members.

We have promoted productivity and efficient market in marginalized communities for the growth and development of the national economy on sustainable basis.



  1. I am an Ethiopian woman and would like to participate in the training. What should I do?

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