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South African Women are victims of violence. It is estimated that one out of six women are in abusive relationships. One woman is killed by her partner every six days.
A shocking 80% of rural women are victims of domestic violence. A woman is raped every 26 seconds in South Africa and one in four men has raped a woman. (by ISS).
These realities will impact on family and work life and will have a detrimental effect on the youth. This translates into adverse effects on learning, skills development and the economy.
It is based on the above analysis that the Young Feminist In Action task force team working on violence against women found it necessary to attend a Seminar on Women, work and learning: the impact of violence which toke place on Friday 13 February 2009.

The seminar which was co-hosted by SETA (INSTA), South Africa Qualification Authority (SAQA)  and University of the Western Cape (Division for Lifelong Learning) highlighted issues crucial to women in the critical area of work and learning.

Dr. Jenny Horsman  a community-based literacy theorist, educator and researcher with more than three decades of experience in adult literacy in England, Canada and Sierra Leone hosted the seminar.

The Young Feminist in Action task force team engaged with Dr. Horsman on these crucial issues and broke solutions to the growing problem in South Africa and around the globe

Critical Issues addressed include;

  • Women experiences in the work place.
  • Training interventions to support women’s empowerment and increase their ability to successfully occupy positions in management.
  • How violence affects women participation in the workplace, learning and training.
  • The Impact of Violence.
  • Who to encourage to join in thinking further of the impact of violence.
  • What to do to investigate the issue.
  • Steps needed to take to address the issue.

As a custodian of empowering young adult women and an agent to create capacity for marginalized communities, the Young Feminist in Action task force team will position themselves to capacitate victims of violence to share their struggles and strength.
They will focus on hope and possibilities, put every setting to commit themselves to address this issue holistically.
With the power and knowledge acquired from this seminar, they will influence their communities systematically in the fight against violence and abuse against women and children.

They have decided to initiate this in schools to educate the girl child about their rights.

They will also work together as allies with other women to instill change in schools and communities in order to;

  • Eliminate shame and humiliation of violence and abuse.
  • Reduce Anxiety of violence and abuse of women and the girl child.
  • Create emotional safety and enabling environment to support training and learning for women and the girl child.
  • Break the silence of violence and abuse.
  • Create new ideas in the fight against violence and abuse.

Our appreciation to all and sundry for this opportunity to help the Young Feminist in Action task force team to provide resources for its activities.

This will enable them to support the growing numbers of victims of violence and abuse in marginalized communities and schools.

We also thank Luciana Brindusa Grosu a young Romanian journalist for her active participation with the Young Feminist in sharing victim’s real-life stories with the world. Additional information about the impact of violence on learning can be found at Spiral Community Resource Group.



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