Posted by: isaac aggrey | December 1, 2008

The 11th AWID Forum: A broad overview

Let me at the outset express my gratitude for the opportunity afforded us by AWID to attend this year’s conference and to share our experiences and ideas that emerge from the Forum.

The plenary and concurrent sessions proved very informative and practical.

We attended all plenary sessions and thirteen concurrent sessions: All proved very successful.
Critical assessment of its capacity and capability has led us to introduce Young Feminist In Action Programme in two major sectors of our plan (short and long term).

As part of the continuing efforts to respond to the needs of young women, Women Business Center has started conducting a comprehensive analysis of the impact of the forum discussion on our young women over the coming years.

We believe such analysis will guide WBC in its future design of our newly introduce concept; Young Feminist In Action Programme.

It is worth mentioning that large numbers of young women of WBC and the community have started responding to this initiative.

It is much pleasing to announce ART AIDS ART Organization  an NGO which shares similar vision has identified WBC as one of the integrated strategic partner in the development of this initiative not only in South Africa but Africa at large.

To that extent, we are joining forces to launch on 1st December 2008 which unquely coincide with WORLD’S AIDS DAY of which we would work together to realize this dream.

With ART AIDS ART, we are more than happy to assist many more young women in developing more initiatives to the specific needs of our broad community.

WBC looks forward to a continuing fruitful cooperation with AWID, ART AIDS ART and all sundry in our joint efforts to improve the quality of life of young women in South Africa and Africa at large.

A summary of the array of presentations and discussions at the 11th AWID Forum is almost impossible. Here, we give a very broad overview of what went on.
The 2008 AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development broke AWID records. For the first time, the organisers were forced to turn away a large number of people, because there was simply not enough space for everyone who would have liked to attend.
This is an indication of just how much women’s rights advocates around the globe value this kind of platform.

The theme of this year’s Forum was “THE POWER OF MOVEMENT” The gathering was an opportunity for different organizations and movements to not only discuss their different contexts but also to toss out new ideas, for it is in such spaces that ideas are born.
By Kathambi Kinoti



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